Scolding in Elevators, Tipping Bathroom Attendants, Worrying for Others, and More

EPISODE CONTENTS AMUSE-BOUCHE: Slashing your name on social stationery A QUESTION OF ETIQUETTE: Worrying for other people QUESTIONS FROM THE WILDERNESS: How to deal with conflicting information on an invitation? Is it OK to scold people in an elevator? What's the deal with bathroom attendants? What do you do if you were raised by wolves? VENT OR REPENT: Face-timing in public, crowding vestibules CORDIALS OF KINDNESS: Holding packages, a nice review THINGS MENTIONED DURING THE SHOW Town a Country Magazine: Why Do People Cross Out Their Names on Stationery? YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO... Support our show through Patreon Subscribe and rate us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts Call, text, or email us your questions Follow us on Instagram Visit our official website Sign up for our newsletter Buy some fabulous official merchandise CREDITS Hosts: Nick Leighton a Leah Bonnema Producer a Editor: Nick Leighton Theme Music: Rob Paravonian

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