Criticizing Wedding Dresses, Spreading Rumors, Splitting Cupcakes, and More

QUESTIONS FROM THE WILDERNESS: Is there a nice way to tell someone you don't like their wedding dress? What do you do if there's no hand towel in a bathroom? Should you meet up with an ex-colleague to discuss a nasty rumor? What do you say to someone who always criticizes their own body? Are you obligated to make certain people bridesmaids? What do you do if your place setting is missing cutlery? How do you handle in-laws who insist on always coming over 2 hours too early? PSA: Take the whole cupcake. THINGS MENTIONED DURING THE SHOW Skorts Miss Manners on proper spork placement YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO... Subscribe and rate us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts Call, text, or email us your questions Follow us on Instagram Visit our official website Sign up for our newsletter Buy some fabulous official merchandise CREDITS Hosts: Nick Leighton a Leah Bonnema Producer a Editor: Nick Leighton Theme Music: Rob Paravonian

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