A day in French - 29 - Migraine

I’ve been sick and it’s still going on this week. I’ve spent a lot of days in bed, in the dark because I suffer from migraine every month. I thought I would talk about this today and I will use this excuse to infuse this episode with phrases and words you will need if you ever get sick in France and need to see a doctor or if you go to the pharmacy. In episode 6 of "A day in French", we covered several useful phrases to explain your symptoms, go listen to it if you need a refresher. As for the grammar focus, today will be for B levels as we will review how to express goals with and without the subjunctive. If you’d like the transcription, the vocabulary and the grammar focus, head over to French Blabla.org to download it.   In this Episode Learn the vocab you need to talk at the pharmacy My story with episodic migraine A challenge for you to shine   Music by Wonder Happens by Podington Bear – Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License

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