A day in French - 28 - Pipes

I hope you’re fine because I was not happy for sure when the week started. I happened to find leaky pipes in my home. I wasn’t planning on talking about this today but I couldn’t let this occasion pass. I don’t know if you remember but it’s not the first time I’m not happy with something. In episode 16, I got angry at a sales rep. Go listen to it if you want to know the full story, and in today’s episode I get very displeased again. To make it short, if you happen to rent a place in France and you face a leakage, then after this episode you’ll know what to say, because that’s what happened to me this week. No grammar focus this time as there’s a lot of very specific vocabulary for you to learn that will allow you to explain in detail if you ever need to call a plumber or your rental agency. Everything can be found in the study guide I have created.   In this Episode Learn the vocab you need to call a plumber My story of an unfortunate event involving pipes A challenge for you to shine   Music : Wonder Happens by Podington Bear - Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License

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