Ep49 - Stop pulling your hair with how to translate "I miss you"

With the pandemic still going strong, I’m sure that most of us are longing for better days and we may feel a bit nostalgic. I’ve been thinking all week about the things I’d like to do. I, then, asked you on Instagram what you were nostalgic about and today’s topic hit me. Today is going to be short and sweet as we will talk about how to express “I miss you” in French. I know that the way we build this phrase is very confusing as everything is inverted so we’re going to untangle all of this in the episode. Obviously, you know me, we won’t just cover the “I miss you” part, we will do an overview of this verb as well as some natural keyphrases you need to add in your speaking repertoire.   In this Episode Simple rules to understand how to use the verb "manquer" Express nostalgia for people and for activities A challenge for you to shine

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