L'heure du conte - 02 - Les trois souhaits

Coucou à tous, Did you like the first part of the Fairytale series? If you've missed it, click here and let's do the first part together. I hope it was helpful to you and that le passé composé is crystal-clear. Today we will focus on a new fairytale, less famous than le Petit Chaperon Rouge. With it, we will study our second past tense: l'imparfait. How we use it is very different than with our other past tense and the study guide that I made will help you practice. Share your memories in the comment section In the study guide, there’s a new creative exercise for you to do. If you’d like me to have a look at it, please share it in the comment section. This time you won't have to make a story, you'll be invited to share some childhood memories. I'm really looking forward to sharing with you on the blog. Stay tuned for the final part of the Fairy Tale series where we’ll cover how to use the passé composé and l'imparfait together. A très vite,

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