Ep07 - Asking questions about work like a native

Bonjour à tous, Welcome to the seventh episode of the French Blabla podcast where we will cover tips to increase your fluency while boosting your way of learning. I know that in my previous post, I told you that this episode would be the second part of my French Essentials serie, but I changed my mind in the mean time and really wanted to do a follow-up of the third episode where we talked about introducing ourselves like real French people. I thought that doing a single episode about self-introduction and basically about proper French social chit-chat wasn't enough. As for the last episode, do you remember my little challenge? I would like to thank Elias, Ruth, and Danielle for their answers. You did great and right! Congrats to the 3 of you. I'm so happy you joined me here. In this Episode Which phrases are real French and which aren't How to be polite even where you're not interested How to ask for details gracefully A cheat sheet to download with the tips from today’s episode Choose what will be next on the French Blabla podcast! This podcast is for you and your French journey, I'm really interested in knowing what you would like me to cover in the next episodes. Is there a grammar point or a situation that you're curious about? Something you learnt at school you'd like me to frenchify? Please tell me your ideas in the comment section :) A très vite pour un nouvel épisode, Caroline Music by bensound.com

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