Ep06 - French Essentials#1 - Stop confusing C'est and Il est

Bonjour à tous, Welcome to the sixth episode of the French Blabla podcast where we will cover tips to increase your fluency while boosting your way of learning. This episode was created hearing my advanced students make this mistake over and over again. I’ve decided that it was time to end the confusion and help choose correctly between the two constructions. In today’s episode, you will see that it’s a trap easy to avoid. We will cover tips to choose wisely and to understand why we use what we use depending on the situation. Stay tuned! In this Episode Real tips and explanations Use the two constructions like a boss A cheat sheet to download with the tips from today’s episode A challenge for you to shine Share your answers in the comment section I’m really looking forward to your answers to my little challenge. After a few contributions, I will post the answer to the quizz. Oh and by the way, you remember the question I asked you in the episode, I hope you chose “c’est une fille”! Don’t forget that with an article + noun, we use “c’est”. If you chose correctly, let me know in the comments too! Music by bensound.com

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