Welcome to this week’s tissue meeting where we’re doing our finest Mad Men impressions to get you subliminally hooked on the words we have to offer. From ‘5 o’clock shadow’ to ‘va va voom’ we’ve put a ‘tiger in our tank’ to discover the language that advertising has gifted to us in this episode which ‘does exactly what is says on the tin’. Simples. After discussing the most memorable advertising taglines, Susie gets into the technical language of adverts and slogans, and Gyles reveals his connection to Tony the Tiger… is there anyone that Gyles hasn’t met?! A Somethin’ Else Production. And we want to hear about your favourite adverts and ad campaigns from around the world - please let us know your catchiest slogans and catchphrases via Susie’s Trio: Nidificate - to make or build a nest Filipendulous - hanging by a thread Deliquesce - to melt away or gradually dissolve Our fabulous new range of merchandise is now live at PLUS for this first week we are giving you 10% off all items if you use the code purple2021. So whether you’re buying a treat for yourself or a gift for a Purple loved one then now is the time to do it. Visit to find links to Rosetta Stone’s More Than Words podcast on all your favourite podcast platforms, PLUS 50% off all Rosetta Stone courses – including their lifetime subscriptions, which give access to all 24 languages offered, for life! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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