Best of SRWP Vol. 2

It’s our 2nd birthday here on Purple so the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of what a brilliant year we’ve had - despite the obvious challenges and difficult global situation. This time last year we reverted to recording remotely but, if anything, this added to the intimate feel of the episodes and provided us with a weekly half-hour of stillness within an otherwise chaotic world. Within these clips of the best bits of the last year we set sail across the world’s oceans, take a walk through the garden, and sit down to a delicious plate of pasta (and baked beans for Gyles). We also ask ourselves who put the cock in cockroach, why Knightsbridge is a unique destination, and there’s another chance to hear a spectacular name-dropping anecdote involving the Sultan of Swoon. A Somethin’ Else production. If you have a question for Gyles and Susie or you have a topic you would like exploring in a future episode then please email us Susie’s Trio… how many of these did you remember? Thermopot - a lover of hot drinks Pollicitation - an offer made but not yet accepted Lanspresado - the person who turns up at the pub having “accidentally” forgotten their wallet Our fabulous new range of merchandise is now live at PLUS for this first week we are giving you 10% off all items if you use the code purple2021. So whether you’re buying a treat for yourself or a gift for a Purple loved one then now is the time to do it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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