This episode comes with a heebie-jeebies warning because this week, Gyles and Susie are investigating phobias.  From the common claustrophobia to the less known gelophobia, this episode will explore what has been scaring us since the greeks. It’s also quite the confessional for our hosts as they’ll reveal their shared aerophobia, Susie’s self created prunidigiaphobia and Gyles tries to persuade us that he has glossophobia (we didn’t believe him either). However, one phobia we all know that for us Purple People isn’t a concern is porphyrophobia: a fear of Purple! A Somethin’ Else production. Don’t forget about our live show, coming to a computer near you on Thursday 25th March- grab tickets here! Gyles and Susie want to hear about any phobias that the Purple People have or any fears that don’t have a name yet, email Susie's Trio:  Quonking - Unwelcome noise form the sideline  Snoaching - To speak through the nose  Nikhedonia - pleasure of anticipating victory Our fabulous new range of merchandise is now live at PLUS for this first week we are giving you 10% off all items if you use the code purple2021. So whether you’re buying a treat for yourself or a gift for a Purple loved one then now is the time to do it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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