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This week, Susie and Gyles are reporting on the names and origins of London Town - of England, Europe, The World, The Universe. Come wind through the streets of Susie’s old hangout in Soho discovering its connection to battle cries and the history of germ theory, we’ll then take the Tube north to see how bishops and cottages birthed the names of some beautiful spots in North London. Gyles will then act as lead guide as he tours us through his past haunts in West London and South of the river where the lambs of Lambeth, the Warriors of Barnes and the chalk of Chelsea all are remembered to this day. This Black Friday (27th December) get 20% off Something Rhymes with Purple Merchandise. Go to purple.backstreetmerch.com and enter ‘Purple20’ at checkout. A Somethin’ Else production Susie and Gyles want to explore further afield, so send in your questions or discoveries of fascinating (and amusing) place names around the country and world for them to visit in their next episode on place names. You can get in touch at purple@somethinelse.com Susie’s Trio: Parvanimity - Being of an inferior or ignoble mind Sumph - a soft, stupid fellow Merry-go-down - a sip of strong ale. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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