This week’s podcast is an absolute joke… in a good way! Join Gyles and Susie as they whisk us through the history of the things that make us laugh. From the first recorded joke in history (newsflash: toilet humour is nothing new) to the best jokes of recent Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, prepare to guffaw (and groan) your way through the next 45 minutes. We’ve got chickens crossing roads, a banned Christmas cracker joke, the origin of Knock Knock humour, and Gyles keeps things ticking over by dusting off a few old classics as well as throwing in a couple of up-to-date rib-ticklers for good measure. In the second half Susie dives into the etymology of humorous language, from puns to shaggy dog stories, and always, sends us off with a trio of words to take into the week. Get ready to slap those thighs! A Somethin’ Else production. Susie’s Trio: Bovarism - an unreal or romanticised perception of oneself Balatronic - characteristic of a buffoon Chawbacon - a country-dweller. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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