All That Jazz

"Music makes (Purple) people, come together." That’s not the only Madonna lyric that gets mistreated in this lyrical romp through the fascinating world of musical genres and phrases. We’ll be hip-hopping our way from the house (and garage) all the way to the discotheque to soak up the funk, with just enough time for Susie to channel her inner Wonder Mike and for Gyles to let his hips do the talking… We’ll also be going through the fabulous ‘mondegreens’ you’ve been mishearing, Susie has a brilliant trio, and we learn why you should never, ever let Gyles hold on to something valuable for you… A Somethin’ Else production. Susie’s trio: Well-woulder - someone who wishes you success, so long as it’s not more success than they have Quobbled - to have wrinkly fingers Oxyphonia - excessive shrillness of voice. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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