It’s time to delve into the inbox once again and dedicate a whole episode to answering your queries that come in each week. A massive thank you to all you Purple People for keeping us on our toes… if there’s something word-related that has been puzzling you then please do the same as Sammy, Dave, Cat, Rebecca and many more by emailing us at They asked: where does the term ‘grockle’ come from? Why would someone be the ‘spitting image’ of another? All will be revealed as we hole up in ‘a/an hotel’ whilst telling ‘Jack Robinson’ to ‘sling his hook’… A Somethin’ Else Production. Susie’s Trio: Shackbaggerly - slovenly Causey-webs - a person who neglects his/her work to hang out on the street Whindling - putting on a voice to convince your boss you are ill Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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