378 - Surviving Sexual Assault & Trauma (feat. Shana Yadid)

In today's episode I am sitting down with Shana Yadid and talking about surviving sexual assault and  about how caring for another living being can help you to remember what it means to care for yourself. Shana is the founder of "Yadid’It" Dog Training. And it's such an incredible story that led her here.

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Key Points:

  • How Shana overcame trauma to go on and help others
  • How she found  the spirit to be resiliant and successful
  • Shana’s concept of overall success in entrepreneurship
  • Reaching out, and telling your story to help others

Notable Quote:

"I can share my gift with the world and I don't need anybody else to put themselves between me and that goal." - Shana Yadid

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