#11: How Men a Women Process Breakups Differently

I think often, as women, it is perceived as though we feel so much more deeply, or are so much more sensitive than men – but that’s simply not always the case. Men and women just show their emotions in different ways. And nothing could attest to this more than when it comes to relationships and the breakdown of relationships.  Here's how men and women tend to handle breakups differently...   Trina is your best friend after a breakup!   Get More Help:   (1) ORDER EMAIL or PHONE coaching at breakupBOOST.com   (2) CALL 1-85-LOVE-LIFE (1-855-683-5433) in US a Canada or 1-310-776-9600 Worldwide to talk to Trina now! No appointment needed. First 10 minutes FREE for first-time callers.    (3) GET a PERSONALIZED VIDEO REPLY from Trina for your relationship issue: wisio.com/BOOST   (4) CHAT ONLINE with Trina from your phone or computer: premium.chat/breakupBOOST   (5) SUBSCRIBE to Trina's YouTube   (6) FOLLOW on Instagram @breakupBOOST a Facebook 

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