#4: The Creation of the Pro a Con List After You Breakup

Today I have a task for you that I think you will find to be very beneficial for a couple of reasons. For one, it will enable you to really take the time to reflect on your relationship and secondly, it will help keep your mind right going forward in order to help you get through this breakup. Still sitting on the fence about whether you should breakup or not?  Wondering if you should truly consider marrying the person you are with?  This will be a great exercise for you too!   Trina is your best friend after a breakup!   Get More Help:   (1) ORDER EMAIL or PHONE coaching at breakupBOOST.com   (2) CALL 1-85-LOVE-LIFE (1-855-683-5433) in US a Canada or 1-310-776-9600 Worldwide to talk to Trina now! No appointment needed. First 10 minutes FREE for first-time callers.    (3) GET a PERSONALIZED VIDEO REPLY from Trina for your relationship issue: wisio.com/BOOST   (4) CHAT ONLINE with Trina from your phone or computer: premium.chat/breakupBOOST   (5) SUBSCRIBE to Trina's YouTube   (6) FOLLOW on Instagram @breakupBOOST a Facebook 

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