#2: You Just Broke Up With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend...Now What?

So you just broke up with your boyfriend, your girlfriend…or separated from your wife or husband.  Everyone in this situation has something in common – they’re hurt. Yes, some may be much more affected than others, but it’s extremely rare to just be able to breakup and not feel anything. Even if you are super angry for the reason of the breakup, that is still an emotion of hurt and it stings. Here's how you can expect to be feeling over the next little while...and tips to help you cope. Remember...you are not alone. I got you! - Trina   Trina is your best friend after a breakup!   Get More Help:   (1) ORDER EMAIL or PHONE coaching at breakupBOOST.com   (2) CALL 1-85-LOVE-LIFE (1-855-683-5433) in US a Canada or 1-310-776-9600 Worldwide to talk to Trina now! No appointment needed. First 10 minutes FREE for first-time callers.    (3) GET a PERSONALIZED VIDEO REPLY from Trina for your relationship issue: wisio.com/BOOST   (4) CHAT ONLINE with Trina from your phone or computer: premium.chat/breakupBOOST   (5) SUBSCRIBE to Trina's YouTube   (6) FOLLOW on Instagram @breakupBOOST a Facebook 

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