360: Mental Health: Burnout

Burnout is emotional, physical, or mental exhaustion. Symptoms include extreme fatigue, hair loss, anxiety, frequent colds, and more. It's basically a stress overload. Adam Parker, a corporate wellness consultant and the host of The Ideal Day Podcast, addresses the issue.


Adam had his own serious burnout experience in 2018 that led to his work today: helping others avoid burnout or recover from it. He offers insights on the topic for all of us. He defines it. He explains the dependence strategies many of us rely on to manage it (including turning to coffee or alcohol). And he offers healthy alternatives that help us lower the load we feel. He speaks of guarding the mind and the body; he reminds us of the healing power of nature, sunlight, and connection to one another. And ultimately, he offers tools that help us regain our health and balance.


Visit his website: youridealday.com

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