The Serial Entrepreneur

Grace Lee is a serial entrepreneur and calculated risk-taker with deep food a beverage industry knowledge. Her passion and clarity of vision have carried many businesses through rapid and continual growth resulting in her “Power 30 Under 30” award for professional excellence.Profoundly driven and her resilient work ethic lead Lee to open her first restaurant, Cruzado in 2011 in Atlanta. After her first year, she opened her second location in Midtown, Hookah Cru, which quickly emerged as Atlanta's top-rated hookah lounge a bar. In 2015, she sold both to become an investor full time. Since moving to New York in 2018, she has continued to expand her Atlanta business portfolio opening The James Room, a speakeasy cocktail bar and coffee shop, a in March she opened Café Casa, another cafe partnered with notorious CARE, inc. a nonprofit that has been serving globally for 75 years. Her investments now span from restaurants and bars to fin-tech, environmental, a tech startups.

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