La Noche de Rábanos

This fourth season of Simple Stories in Spanish is focusing on celebrations. Oaxaca, México is best known for its celebration of Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead. However, there is another festival in Oaxaca that bears mentioning: La Noche de Rábanos, or Night of the Radishes. This colorful evening of radish and vegetable sculptures is a feast for the eyes as professionals and amateurs alike compete to make the best radish sculpture.  This story is told in the both the present and past tenses. Repeated words and phrases include “rábano” (radish),“agricultores” (farmers), “puesto” (stand/stall), “gente” (people), and “además” (in addition). No matter where you are in your language journey, stories will help you on your way. You can find a transcript of the story and read along at Happy listening! ¡Muchas gracias por escuchar! Thank you for listening, and a HUGE thank you for your support. I really enjoy creating and sharing simple, comprehensible stories in Spanish. If you would like to help me in that endeavor, consider buying me a taco at 

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