La Leyenda del Caleuche

This third season of Simple Stories in Spanish is focusing on legends. In southern Chile there is an island named Chiloé. The people of Chiloé are fishermen. Thus many of their legends focus on the sea. The most famous legend from Chiloé is about a ghost ship: the Caleuche. This ship is different from other stories of ghost ships because it is driven by a lovely mermaid who throws a party for her crew every night. But the way she gathers her crew, and their zombi-like state, is chilling. This legend features  seafaring vocabulary such as “océano” (ocean), “barco” (boat), “pescador” (fisherman), “pez” (fish), and “sirena” (mermaid). No matter where you are in your language journey, stories will help you on your way. You can find a transcript of the story and read along at Happy listening!

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