¿Qué como yo?

Who is the Small Town Spanish Teacher? This new season of personal simple stories continues with an answer to the questions “what do I eat?” (¿Qué como yo?). Starting with a typical desayuno (breakfast) of huevos (eggs), moving to almuerzo (lunch) and cena (dinner), exploring some meriendas (snacks) and postres (desserts) and ending with my favorite drink of agua (water), this story lists many foods found in most households. This episode features the verb “como” (I eat) with many food cognates. This episode also presents one paragraph of past tense (comí - I ate; visité - I visited) in a comprehensible way. You can find a transcript of the story and read along at smalltownspanishteacher.com. No matter where you are in your language journey, stories will help you on your way. Happy listening!

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