Choose Happiness Today (Replay)

With the Presidential Elections happening in the United States this week, ALL the emotions are heightened and palpable.  So, I'm replaying a few meditations from the years past this week that I hope will help you stay present, calm and connected throughout it all.


Every day you have a big choice to are you going to show up to the world?

Are you going to see the things happening in your life as happening to you?  Or for you?

Are you going to see opportunities?  Or see closed doors?

Are you going to choose happiness?  Or let outside circumstances dictate your emotions.

You have the power to choose.

And today...I hope you choose happiness.

I hope you choose to show up to your life shining the light that radiates within you.

I hope you choose to walk the path that allows your heart to sing and your smile to stretch wide across your face.

Because you deserve to be happy.

Even when there are legitimate things to complain about.

Even when life is hard.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to help you step into the happiness that is here waiting for you.


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