Chakras & Tantra: Finding Power in Surrender & Dominance in the 3rd Chakra w/ Alex Jade

“Some people would think the submissive person wouldn’t have any power. And I’m like, wait a minute! Witness what happens when they give up control or explore their body from the inside out after someone has given them some guidelines to feel their sensual, their sensate body. That’s power!”

In this episode, Alex Jade guides us on a journey of power in the third chakra. A journey that looks at the power of surrender and submission - flipping the tables on how many of us are taught to think of power as residing in dominance.

Alex has been professionally exploring the sensate, energetic, erotic, and intelligence of our bodies for the past thirty years. Alex has mastery of experiential erotic education and the use of ritual as a healing tool.

Alex is also a teacher and friend whose knowledge of the body and its senses has immensely shaped my own study and work.

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