PEE IN THE FRIDGEWelcome to episode 270 of THE UPSIDE with Callie and Jeff Dauler(original release date: May 29, 2020) Jeff is grateful for: Flea a tick meds Callie is grateful for: my new bracelets On this episode: I'm glad you enjoyed the giraffe audio as much as I did! I feel like we all needed a giant group laugh On a scale of 1-10: how are you? There is currently pee in our fridge...BUT WHY? Jeff thinks I'm coming around on Alexa but I'm actually not The longer a couple stays together, the better their marriage gets Friends cast members still get $20 million A YEAR...holy hell If you need a new car, you'll wanna hear this Beautiful Human Alert: This 7-year-old is going to make the best husband ever someday Also: Jeff has car drama Want to weigh in on the show topics? Call us and leave a message! 800-434-5454 Here are all of today’s links: LightStream: get a special interest rate discount by using this link Thrive Causemetics: get 15% off your first purchase by using this link + code upside Duke Cannon Supply Company: get 10% off your order (and free shipping with orders over $20) with the code UPSIDE Mint Mobile: Get your new wireless plan for $15 a month plus free shipping with this link Our phone number is 800-434-5454 … call or text about anything you hear or want to hear on the show! Follow Callie and Jeff on IG: @CallieDauler and @JeffDauler. Join the awesome Callie and Jeff community on Facebook by clicking here or follow Callie and Jeff's page Have you subscribed to our weekly Pick-Me-Up newsletter for good news, and cool deals delivered to your email? Shop the Callie and Jeff store. Please share this episode and the show with the world! The easiest way to do that - especially if someone doesn't know too much about podcasts - is by sending them to callieandjeff.com and having them hit the LISTEN NOW button. Internet magic will take them directly to the best available player for whatever device they are using. SUBSCRIBES, FOLLOWS, and FIVE-STAR REVIEWS are always appreciated.WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOU! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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