Episode 237: The Ties That Bind - The Turpin Family

In this month’s series, we’ll take a look at the fascinating phenomenon of narcissistic family cults - a family unit that exhibits all the hallmarks of a traditional cult group but is led by a narcissistic family member - usually a parent.  In this episode, a couple with thirteen children spend decades isolating themselves from the outside world. The public would be shocked when it was discovered their children had been subjected to long-term ritualistic abuse, neglect, and deprivation in one of the worst cases of child abuse ever recorded in California.  Sponsors:  Best Fiends - Download for free today on the App Store or Google Play.  BetterHelp - www.BetterHelp.com/once - Get 10% off your first month when you use our special URL.  Links:  CrimeCon - www.crimecon.com - Use my discount code ONCEUPON22 for 10% off your registration for CrimeCon Las Vegas and CrimeCon UK.  Patreon - www.patreon.com/onceuponacrime - Become a Patreon member of Once Upon a Crime to get ad-free, early release episodes, and more perks.  Military Murder Podcast - Check out my friend Margo’s podcast - Military Murder! www.militarymurderpodcast.com.  Resources:  The Family Next Door by John Glatt, St. Martin’s Press, 2019.   David Turpin Biography: 13 Things About Perris, California Engineer Turpin Trial: Couple Jailed for Life for ‘Inhuman’ Child Abuse All That’s Interesting: Louise Turpin California Torture House: Louise Turpin’s Sister Said Sibling Experimented with Religion, Sex People: Couple Accused in Calif. House of Horrors Case ‘Ran Away’ to Marry When She was 16 and He Was 23 David and Louise Turpin Eloped - Daily Mail Inside the Turpin “Horror House” as Young Survivors Reveal Ongoing Struggles ABC 20/20, S44/E7 - Escape from a House of Horror - A Diane Sawyer Special Event Classmate Says Oldest Turpin Sibling Was Bullied, Frail During Grade School in Viral Facebook Post Turpins: 1 Sibling’s Desperate Escape Attempt Foiled When Police Forced Her Back to the House California Torture Case Raises Questions About Home School Regulation People: I Lived with the House of Horrors Family: What Relative Says She Saw Years Before Child Torture Case Came to Light  CNN: Judge Bars Turpins from Contacting Children People - From a Desperate Escape to Revelations of Shocking Abuse: How Abuse of Horrors Case Unfolded Huffpost - Turpin Children Speak Out About Life in California ‘House of Horrors’ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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