Wheel of Time Spoilers 119 - TDR - Ch20 Visitations

This is where TDR hits it's stride, and we're excited! Lanfear walks into Mat's room. He's stark naked, taken totally off guard, and under her spell. She's come of course to give her glory pitch to a nervous and naked farm-boy. We also know that Lanfear has been active in the tower recently. Her intent is difficult to guess, but we assume she's using the Black Ajah, or interfering with the plans of Mesaana or Be'lal. Lanfear seems to think that Mat will be the easiest of the three for her to manipulate, though, in reality Mat doesn't seem anymore easily swayed than his friends. Lanfear somehow senses Suian and Leane approaching the room and quickly disappears a moment before they enter. While talking to Suian, Mat confirms that Tam and Abel had been to the tower looking for Emonds Fielders. Unsurprisingly, they give Mat as little information as possible, making Mat suspicious of the Aes Sedai's intentions. Join the Conversation Donate Here

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