Wheel of Time Spoilers 109 - TDR - Ch9 Wolf Dreams

Moiraine and Perrin have a conversation about the Wolfbrother Talent. She has almost no information for him, other than this Talent being strongly related to the World of Dreams. She reminds him that whatever he does, much of his future is likely laid out for him by the Pattern. Perrin goes to sleep, arrives in Tel'aran'rhiod, and there's a man there with him trapped in a nightmare. Perrin watches as the man is skinned alive. He will either wake up skinned, or be found that way, dead. He shifts and interrupts Lanfear at work in a basement somewhere. She shifts away, and Hopper arrives to shove him out of the dream, likely saving his life. Perrin wakes up horrified, covered in the blood of the unfortunate man from earlier. Rand hunts Darkhounds in the night. This is the first time we see him or anyone, use Balefire in the series. The Dark One's taint on Saidin is a powerful check on Rand. The wound in his side seems to break open whenever he's exposed to the taint, but he continues on, being driven eastward by the Darkhounds, toward Tear, the Stone, Callandor, and destiny. WoTSpoilers is a twice weekly book-club, and you can join our conversations on Discord. Please remember, Seth and Patrick are two nerds in a basement who would rather be creating content full time, than working our 9-5s.  You can help us create the content you love, and become full time podcast creators by donating on Patreon

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