Wheel of Time Spoilers 96 - TGH - Ch47 The Grave Is No Bar to My Call

Kelsey and Aradia Host again for episodes 95 and 96. The party leaves Ingtar behind to redeem himself by delaying the Seanchan. He has Toh, and he settles it honorably. We talk about how lots of people had Mat grow on them. Post dagger Mat is much more lovable. Despite Ingtar's sacrifice, the party is slowly being surrounded. They discuss their options while they themselves now face death. It's Mat's idea to to blow the horn. No one objects. The sound it makes is as golden as the horn itself. Time Stops. A fog rises as the Whitecloaks begin their charge westward toward Falme, and the Seanchan march eastward toward the Whitecloak cavalry, with Rand and his party in between. Are the heroes horses heroes as well? After greeting Mat and the Dragon, Hawkwing tells Hurin that sometimes new heroes are added to their number. Who from this age might become join their ranks? Could Rand be one, or is the Dragon separate in each age? Lot's of interesting questions about the Horn of Valere, it's connection to the world of dreams, and whether or not Rand is always the dragon. We talk about some quotes from Robert Jordan about The Wheel of Time universe's cyclical timeline, and where his ideas for that came from. We also discuss the irony of Hawkwing leading the heroes against the armies of his own descendants. We spend some time on light and dark prophecy, on whether or not they're self fulfilling, and if they may sometimes be more trouble than they're worth. When Rand asks the heroes to help save Egwene, they laugh at him. Birgitte even points out that he's always having some trouble with a woman. When Rand battles Ishmael in the sky, he forces Saidin into his power-wrought blade. Is that Ba'alzamon is afraid of being struck and why he's eventually so badly injured by the wound Rand inflicts on him, and perhaps why the cloud of darkness enveloping Ishamael is said to scream when Rand strikes his opponent down. Support us, and join our live conversations each week by heading over to Patreon.com/WOTspoilers

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