Wheel of Time Spoilers 75 - TGH - Ch23 The Testing

We have our friend Aradia on to talk with us about Nynaeve's Accepted test. We speculate on what the test is, how it’s created, and where it takes place. We come to some interesting conclusions. We talk about the oath rod and Aes Sedai politics. Is channeling in the World of Dreams real, is it created the power, or the mind? Is “Just a weave” really just a weave? What is sin in the #wheeloftime universe? A bit of a Psychedelic after-show. WoTSpoilers is a twice weekly book-club, and we'd like to encourage you to join our conversations on Discord. Please remember, Seth and Patrick are two nerds in a basement who would rather be creating content full time, than working our 9-5s.  You can help us create the content you love, and make our Wheel of Time dreams come true by donating on Patreon Thanks for listening.

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