Wheel of Time Spoilers 54 - TGH - Ch1 The Flame of Tar Valon

We get to read the great first paragraph for the second time. We talk about the growing season that gets snuck in here. Lan and Rand train on the tower, until a bubble of evil makes the wind solid around Rand.  Rand contemplates the blades and herons on the blade. Lan educates him about its origins.  Wet talk about our Post-Apocalyptic plans.  Why aren't there Power Wrought tools? Aftershow: We talk Patreon Rewards. They are ready to ship out, hopefully by Christmas.   WoTSpoilers is a twice weekly book-club, and you can join our conversations on Discord. Please remember, Seth and Patrick are two nerds in a basement who would rather be creating content full time, than working our 9-5s.  You can help us create the content you love, and become full time podcast creators by donating on Patreon

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