#88 - Random Thoughts on Quarantine a Beyond (Part 3 of the Global Pandemic Episodes)

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this pandemic. A few weeks ago, when I did my first episode about COVID-19, I thought that would be my only episode on the topic. But here I am doing Part 3, because things continue to shift and change. This one will be a bit different than usual, with more of a hodgepodge of random thoughts around the pandemic.   Biggest Takeaways From Episode #88: This is a scary time, and a lot of us need comfort during this disorienting experience. Look for the unique ways you can find comfort, whether it’s food, listening to someone who makes you laugh, wearing something meaningful, or whatever you find comforting. A lot of us are experiencing brain fog on some level, and feeling like every day is the same as the one before. If you’ve noticed your thoughts aren’t as clear as usual, take comfort in knowing you aren’t alone! This pandemic has pushed us outside of our comfort zone, with everything from wearing a mask to not hugging our loved ones.  Wearing (or not wearing) a face mask may begin to signal political views. This is extremely dangerous, as this potential divide can lead to deep problems on many levels.   Highlights from Episode #88: Welcome to Episode 88 of the podcast! Vicki makes a quick announcement about her new online course for women, the Radiant Threefold Path Maiden Voyage. [00:39] Vicki reads the list of topics from her brief outline for today’s episode, and shares a few examples of how you can tell that facing a virus is a kind of boundary violation. [08:40] We hear about the need for comfort during this time. [11:39] It’s okay to find humor and laugh when things are difficult, sad, or even painful , Vicki points out. [17:40] You may be experiencing brain fog on some level. Vicki gives an example of one of her own experiences with brain fog. [19:23] Vicki talks about kindness, and gives a couple of touching examples. [22:51] We hear about masks and civil war, with Vicki sharing her concerns about what will happen as places begin to reopen. [28:42] Vicki invites listeners to be very suspicious about what we make up, and talks about internal boundaries. [32:29] The last random thought on Vicki’s list is massage parlors, which may not be what most people think they’re talking about. [37:02] Links and Resources: Vicki Tidwell Palmer Radiant Threefold Path Maiden Voyage Moving Beyond Betrayal by Vicki Tidwell Palmer 5-Step Boundary Solution Clarifier Vicki Tidwell Palmer on Instagram Beyond Bitchy Podcast | Episode #85: How a Global Pandemic Is Giving Us a Master Class on Boundaries Beyond Bitchy Podcast | Episode #87: How COVID-19 is Giving Us a Master Class on Boundaries (Part 2) Caroline Myss Pro Podcast Solutions Episodes on the internal and/or listening boundary: Beyond Bitchy Podcast | Episode #37: The Listening Boundary Part I Beyond Bitchy Podcast | Episode #39: The Listening Boundary Part 2: How It Works Beyond Bitchy Podcast | Episode #40: The Listening Boundary Part 3: High Quality Listening = Higher Quality Responses Beyond Bitchy Podcast | Episode #18: The Knife a The Spatula: Knowing When to Keep Your Mouth Shut

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