#86 - 5 Ways to Have Fun with Boundaries

During this global pandemic, options for having fun have been whittled away for most of us. This got me to thinking about the intersection of boundaries and fun, and that's what we're going to explore together today! I’ll share five ways to have fun with boundaries, and I hope you’ll come up with your own examples too. Biggest Takeaways From Episode #86: When you learn how personal and relationship boundaries work, they can actually be fun! Expect it to take some time to reach this point, though. One way you can have fun with boundaries is to use emojis. Sometimes just a simple emoji (or a fun Bitmoji) is all you need to communicate if you'd like to limit communication. A short, simple phrase or one-word response can also serve the same purpose. When you need to have a conversation with someone who is difficult or can talk nonstop, schedule a conversation with them shortly before a firm commitment. It’s not always easy to do, but try having fun with boundaries by not picking up anything that someone else tries to give you. Metaphorically, don’t extend your hand and take what doesn’t belong to you. You can even have fun by making a game of being prepared with your boundaries toolbox. Highlights from Episode #86: Welcome back to the podcast! Vicki talks about today’s topic: the intersection of boundaries and fun. [00:39] The first way to have fun with boundaries is simple: use emojis! [04:15] Vicki talks about the second way you can have fun with boundaries, which is using a short phrase or even saying nothing at all! [07:55]  One of Vicki’s favorite ways to have fun with boundaries involves strict time limits. [13:09] The fourth way to have fun with boundaries is to not pick up anything that someone else is trying to give you. [15:31] Finally, you can have fun with boundaries by anticipating certain situations in advance and bringing your boundaries toolbox along. [18:00] Vicki recaps the five ways she’s talked about to have fun with boundaries.[24:19] Links and Resources: Vicki Tidwell Palmer Moving Beyond Betrayal by Vicki Tidwell Palmer 5-Step Boundary Solution Clarifier Vicki Tidwell Palmer on Instagram Bitmoji Beyond Bitchy Podcast | Episode #1: Boundaries: What They Are and Why They’re So Misunderstood Beyond Bitchy Podcast | Episode #58: Codependency a Boundaries Beyond Bitchy Podcast | Episode #74: 8 Phrases to Help You Keep the Peace During the Holidays  

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