#52 - Quick Tips #6: What Not to Do On an Elevator Alone With a Woman

This quick tips episode is officially called “What Not to Do On an Elevator Alone With a Woman,” but it’s actually a boundary rant. Speaking of boundary rants, I’ve been thinking about making rants a regular series on the blog. If I do, I’ll even invite listeners to call in with recorded rants about boundaries, and then play a few on the podcast. If that sounds interesting to you, send me a note! Biggest Takeaways From Episode #52: This episode was inspired by a recent experience in an elevator with a man who was almost certainly harmless, but also unconscious and clueless of elevator etiquette. When you get on an elevator—regardless of whether you’re alone with a woman—don’t block the door. When you’re on an elevator alone with a woman, don’t stare at any part of her. Better yet, turn slightly away from her. Also, don’t stand in the middle of the elevator; move to the side opposite the buttons to give her some space. If you get off the elevator first, don't stand in the doorway and hold her hostage in the elevator. Some women will not get on an elevator with a man alone. This isn’t about you, so don’t take it personally. Highlights from Episode #52: Welcome to the podcast! This quick tips episode is all about what not do on an elevator alone with a woman. [00:39] Vicki explains what inspired her to record this episode. [02:27] We hear the story of the recent experience that Vicki had in an elevator in her office building. [04:42] Vicki takes a moment to share the detail that she had a temporary tattoo, which ends up being important in the story. [06:23] Before the man in the elevator got off on his floor, he blocked the elevator doors to tell Vicki about his recent face-painting experience. [09:12] Vicki explains exactly what was wrong with the story, and lists some things that you shouldn’t do on an elevator. [11:22] Links and Resources: Vicki Tidwell Palmer Moving Beyond Betrayal by Vicki Tidwell Palmer 5-Step Boundary Solution Clarifier What Is a Mandala?

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