3. there's a kink for that: horizontal with a professional dominatrix

In the third episode of horizontal, I lie down with Mistress Leigh, a professional Dominatrix, fetish consultant, educator, and performer. Mistress Leigh went on a BDSM tour in May 2017 (did you know that there was such a thing?! You should probably find out about this on her website.). Keep up with her kinky antics on LeighEntertainment.com As well as being a pro dom, she’s a performer, a martial artist, and a general badass. She’s full of characters and stories and charisma. This episode of Horizontal was recorded at Mistress Leigh’s apartment, in her little loft nook, in another neighborhood in the land of Brooklyn. We talk about fetish work, session-ing with disabled clients, dominant women / submissive men, the difference between power play and position, and feefees.  So hey...come lie down with us.  More horizontality, please: To become a patron of the horizontal arts, support me on Patreon, a website for crowdsourcing patronage! Patronage allows artists like me to buy equipment, schedule recording tours, and devote my time to creating more horizontal goodness, for you! Becoming my patron has delicious perks, ranging from exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes video content, to handwritten postcards, spring cleaning phone calls, and creative input on future episodes! You can become a patron for $1 a month on up, and the rewards just get more sumptuous. patreon.com/horizontalwithlila To sign up for the blog, including sensual horizontal photos and extensive show notes, head to horizontalwithlila.com Credit where credit is: Horizontal’s intro and outro music was created by rock star musician Alan Markley, on Instagram as @plasticcannons. The saucy character illustration was designed by Shana Shay - hire her through 99 designs. This episode was mixed and mastered by Owen Muir of Self-Disclosure Productions, @psychdisclosure, right here in Brooklyn, New York.  

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