4 LOVES: Storge. Philia. Eros. Agape. (Nerding out w/ Adam + Karissa)

4 LOVES Crewneck Sweaters available here.  ♥️⁠ In English, we can love vegan tacos, our golden doodle, Christmas lights, Jeeps, our spouse, and God -- but we call it all "love". The Bible, however, uses FOUR different Greek concepts of love:⁠ ♥️⁠ 1. storge // affection love⁠ 2. philia // friendship love⁠ 3. eros // romantic love⁠ 4. agape // selfless love⁠ ♥️⁠ We dive into each of these on today's podcast, so get ready to nerd out with us for a bit. :)

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