INTERCULTURAL Marriage w/ Jonathan + Tiffany Bonilla

  Whether you think you're married to someone from a different culture than your own or not, this podcast is for you! The truth is, we all come from different family cultures, and when we marry someone, we're faced with many challenges of adopting, adapting, or dismissing various family traditions and norms that we bring into the marriage. In today's episode, Jonathan and Tiffany Bonilla, youth pastors in Florida, share their experience marrying into a culture different than their own. They discuss language barriers, familial expectations, spiritual alignment, and more.  Jonathan and Tiffany recommended: Andy Stanley Podcast The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman @ianmorgancron (author of "The Road Back to You") Take notes and soak up lots at marriage seminars and church! Read the Word of God You can find Tiffany and Jonathan on IG: @tiffboni + @jonboni_   Stay in conversation with us on IG: @dearyoungmarriedcouple or on our website:   P.S. Here are the links to the marriage card decks we talk about in the episode: FOUNDATIONS: SEXPECTATIONS: REALIZATIONS:

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