Body Image a The Sussex Situation

Veronica Grant, Love a Life Coach, explains how the way you relate to your body directly impacts the way that you relate to your romantic partner. Damona covers headlines: How Meghan Markle's truth affects your dating life and the latest controversial feature on Coffee Meets Bagel. This week's Dear Damona questions: Do nice guys finish last and Help! I'm tired of messaging first. Make sure to check out Veronica's Love Life Connection podcast and her 5 Steps to Ending Overwhelm and Anxiety in your Love Life at Dates a Mates is sponsored by TextNow. The app solves many major challenges D's clients face in dating today: You can keep your main number private You can separate your personal and dating contacts Plus, It’s easy to use and FREE. We are proud to collaborate with an app that empowers modern daters to feel safe and secure. If you want more information, check out Damona's video on when a how to give out your number: Sponsors: Get Better Help: real therapy, convenient and affordable. Get started today and enjoy 10% off your first month. Get Damona's FREE Profile Starter Kit at! Do you want to go deeper in love? Join the Patreon at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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