Breaking Dating Patterns a Whelming: Love Month Part 4

Mike Goldstein, of EZ Dating Coach, joins Damona the final episode of the Love Month Series, Five Question February #5QFeb. In this month-long 4-part series, Damona will ask Dates a Mates fan-favorite guests five questions on the most pressing topics about love today. Damona and Mike cover headlines: is it okay to snoop in your partner's phone, Cosmo’s new term for the dating dictionary: whelming, and are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner getting back together? Listener questions this week are: should you wait around for someone who is super busy and is it a red flag if he thinks it's cute when you're jealous? Find Mike on YouTube as EZ Dating Coach and click here to get your free guide to getting and keeping a guy forever! Sign up at for: an opportunity to work with Damona directly, to get quality advice that is tailored your dating challenges, and to become part of a community that will help you find the healthiest, most loving relationships this year and get your needs met. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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