Season 4 Episode 3: Is Dating Biblical? With Dr. David Burrus

Today we’re unpacking some common misconceptions about godly dating! As Christian singles, we tend to keep our eye on the ever-elusive prize…That is, getting to the altar. But, what does Kingdom-minded dating look like? And what does the word have to say about this? Joining us, we have Dr. David Burrus, Christian relationships expert, here to help clarify! Dr. Burrus says that his mission is to help unmarrieds know what God is saying about dating and relationships and how they can get it right! BTOP host Sloane shares her reluctance to dating because while she aims to date God’s way, she feels like love is an emotional minefield. So, she starts this interview off with the burning question: Is dating biblical? You can follow D. Burrus on IG @davidburrusglobal on Facebook @The David Burrus Academy and check out his website. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast; we’re on every Monday! And, follow us @TheOneUniversity on Instagram.

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