Season 4 Episode 1: The D-Word! With Amanda Ross and Sloane Crawford

Welcome back to Becoming the One Podcast! Wow!! Can you all believe that we’re already on season 4?!? Our co-host, Amanda Ross, is back and… in a RELATIONSHIP!!  She recalls her single season and the faithfulness of God as she gushes over her new beau. Things are looking up, and they are hopeful for their future together. Amanda is here today with a special announcement. With much excitement and anticipation, Amanda introduces Ms.Sloane Crawford, former TOU grad, current MMG team member, and...our new BTOP host! So, who is Sloane? Listen to this episode and find out. We hope you’ll enjoy this episode of Becoming the One Podcast with our lovely hosts Sloane Crawford and Amanda Ross. Share this with your friends, subscribe, and join us here every Monday. We want to hear from you, so make sure you comment and let us know what you think. Lastly, follow us @theoneuniversity on Instagram, and if you haven’t yet, join TOU now!

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