Lie #4 About Being Whole: You Will Arrive

Have you ever felt like you're only going to be ready for marriage once you FINALLY have *this* much in your bank account...or when you FINALLY have your book launched...or [insert life goal here]...?  Or have you ever thought, "Maybe I'll just never be ready...and marriage isn't for me."  Welcome to this week's episode of the Becoming the One Podcast, where we are ANNIHILATING the lie that you will ever actually "arrive." Because, the thing is, we'll always be growing, we'll always be healing, we'll always be maturing and learning and developing as individuals.  So, there's no such thing as an arrival point, despite what much of society will try and make you think.  Tune in to hear more about the "arrival point" misconception...and what it means for your future marriage! Want more of the Becoming the One Podcast? Join our Facebook Group for the Saved a Singles of our community! 

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