Lie #3 About Being Whole: You *Can't* Identify Wholeness in Another Person

Hey family! Welcome to another installment of our mini-series, "The 4 Biggest Lies About Being Whole." Today, our CEO Jamal Miller, and Director of Programs Amanda Ross, tackle the huge misconception that you *can't* identify wholeness in another person... ...because we believe otherwise! We have the mind of Christ, and God has given us discernment in order to guard our hearts and protect our minds (especially as we enter a vulnerable sea to dating in the 21st century. It can get crazy out here!). Check out this week's episode, and don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and leave us a review on your preferred listening platform! Want to learn more about Becoming the One? Join our Facebook Group, the Saved a Single community, open to anyone looking to learn how to do relationships God's way. Click here to request access now!

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