Lie #2 About Being Whole: Your Dirty Past Destroyed Your Future

Welcome to the third installment of our mini-series, "The 4 Biggest Lies About Being Whole." Today, we're tackling the big misconception that your DIRTY past DESTROYED your future.   First off: That is a straight up LIE from hell, and we want to break this down so that you have a full understanding that God's grace really does reconcile you to Him (and it doesn't disqualify you from having a healthy future, including a healthy future marriage). Whew. Take a big sigh of relief, then put in your headphones and tune in.  Check out this week's episode, and don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and leave us a review on your preferred listening platform! Want to learn more about Becoming the One? Join our Facebook Group, the Saved a Single community, open to anyone looking to learn how to do relationships God's way. Click here to request access now! 

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