The HIDDEN Blessing in a Season of Relational Isolation

Have you been asking yourself things like, "If I'm in quarantine, how am I EVER going to meet somebody? It was hard enough before?!"  Or "This season makes me feel stagnant. Can I even fulfill my purpose like God wants me to right now — or am I stuck here?"  Then those are some great questions. But, thankfully, we have a wise WORD from our host for this week's episode, Jamal Miller, here to discuss the HIDDEN blessing in a season of relational isolation (which, to be transparent, is an existing video from late 2019, but MORE RELEVANT than ever, thanks to COVID).  Tune in to hear from Jamal about why isolation — though challenging, stretching, and just plain HARD — is actually a huge (but hidden) blessing. Because there's more than meets the eye...and GOD is still working. Amen?  Want more? Join our Facebook Group where we discuss each weekly episode, drop exclusive content, and more! 

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