2 Misconceptions Singles Make About Marriage With Jamal a Natasha Miller

Who would know better about marital misconceptions than married powerhouse and co-founders of The One University, Jamal a Natasha Miller! Welcome to episode 5 of the Becoming the One podcast, in which our beloved hosts tackle 2 of the biggest lies singles believe about marriage.  In fact, one of them *might* be the reason you're still single, even if you're ready for marriage!  We don't want to give anything away...but we'll give a little sneak peek: There's no such thing as a soulmate. Tune in to discover more — you just might be surprised!  Want more from Jamal, Natasha, and The One University? Join our Facebook group, specifically to the Saved a Single community of The One University! And then find Jamal and Natasha on Instagram to follow more, and get a peek into the Miller family's life! 

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