Find your life’s purpose with Numerologist Felicia Bender!

What do you know about the art and science of numerology? On this episode of Knot Too Taboo, Gretchen and Slade have a fascinating and energized conversation with The Pracical Numerologist and author of the book Redesign Your Life: Using Numerology To Create the Wildly Optimal You, Felicia Bender. Felicia explains what numerology is and how it can be used to uncover your life’s purpose. She reveals the results of the numerology reports she did on Gretchen and Slade and the three have a very personal and revealing conversation about the results. Find out what gave Gretchen chills all over her body! Gretchen and Slade ask Felicia about the repeating numbers they see and Felicia explains what each of them mean and what significance the vibration of the numbers hold.  Stay tuned for Felicia to expain to you what your Life Path number is, how to calculate it, and what it tells you about you and your life!  For specific instructions on how to calculate your life path number and what it can tell you about you and your life’s purpose, click here. Gretchen Rossi Instagram @gretchenrossi Slade Smiley Instagram @sladesmiley Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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