It’s rarely about moonlight and roses when a client calls private investigator, Andy Kay. He takes calls from nervous men and women asking: Is my significant other cheating? He and his six-member team ferret out the truth and bring back hard facts. Kay, whose investigations include corporate breakups and embezzlement, says that there are signs that people should look for if they feel something is not right. Watch for changing patterns. Are they traveling more? Are they less emotional? Is money missing from joint accounts? His advice: Always be aware and trust your intuition. Kay, who helped find Michael Jackson’s missing doctor, says that people cheat for a lot of reasons. Mid-life crisis, boredom, assuming their partner won’t fulfill their sexual fantasies. How to prevent cheating? Make sure you have complete trust and keep the lines of communication wide open. Slade chimes in with “compromise. It’s one of the most important things I’ve learned to do. I put my partner’s needs before mine.” And of course, if communications and compromise don’t work, call Andy Kay! Gretchen Rossi Instagram @gretchenrossi Slade Smiley Instagram @sladesmiley Stage 29 Podcasts Instagram  Stage 29 Podcasts Twitter Stage 29 Podcasts Facebook Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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